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​Foxtrot is the story of a little animal who, because he is neither a pig nor a fox, has no friends as the pigs and foxes hate each other. However, he soon teaches the other animals that it is better to love than to hate and to work together to build rather than fight each other.

Foxtrot was long-listed for an ELTon award and it comes with workbook and instructions on how to use it. 

Unique Features of this book:

Students try to predict what comes next in the story.

They translate the page and work on grammar.

They get creative and practice writing their own children's story.

They discuss or debate the issues raised in the book.

​Everyday English is a four skills book that allows students to use English in a creative and realistic way. They practice making their own conversations after using structured questions. They are also asked to make small presentations and exchange their ideas on a weekly basis. Help build your student's confidence with Everyday English.

What would you do if you awoke one morning to discover that your penis had been stolen? How would you feel if you were a Siamese twin and you hated your brother due to his radically different political and religious beliefs? These are some of the issues raised in the Evil Doers, the sequel to, The Cup Snatchers.

This fast paced farcical tale is quite like no other.

This novel is due to be published in 2017.


The Cup snatchers is a comedy story about two mafia gangs, one Japanese and the other Italian, that try to steal The European Champions Cup. Sato San, the Japanese boss desires to have the Cup because he wants to trade it for David Belcham. He thinks that by doing this, it will halt the number of Japanese players from leaving the country and will instead reverse the flow, with more foreign players going to Japan. He hates the fact that all the best Japanese players leave the country to play for foreign clubs.

The Italian boss simply believes that Intel Milanio is the best team in the world and therefore the Cup rightly belongs with him.

The two rival gangs try to steal the cup at approximately the same time, but unwittingly steal imitations of the cup.  Lenny and his girlfriend, Yumi, inadvertently get involved with the theft and find themselves galavanting all over the world in an attempt to recover it.

The Journey of Deliverance tells the story of a young man named Jack from New York who is suddenly told by Father Hugh MacIver that he is the ‘Chosen One’ to save the universe. Father Hugh initially must persuade Jack to return to Scotland and to step into the 'other world'. The Loch Ness Monster is dying and it is up to Jack to travel through the parallel universes to retrieve a remnant from the Big Bang. This will save the monster as well as the earth. He embarks on his mission with his girlfriend, Amy, and with Father Hugh. Together they hurry to save humankind from evil forces. Told to trust no one, they must put their trust in someone in a world of lies, deceit and intrigue. The question is, who can they believe?

Michael Toms tells the story of a young boy who is bullied by his schoolmates and treated even worse at home by his alcoholic parents. denied the love of others, he contemplates suicide, but his life takes on new meaning when he saves two kittens from the being drowned by a gang of hard nuts. In order to take care of them he takes on a paper round. However, his round takes him through a neighbourhood run by the gang. Michael has to pit his wits against them as they are out for revenge.

Find out what Michael does and how he transforms a rough, seedy neighbourhood into one of love and hope. He not only unites the rival gangs, but brings everyone together. There is a special twist in the tale at the end.

​This novel is due for release in late 2017.

​Assess is a new software product that helps inform students of their shortcomings. By knowing exactly what kind of problems they are making, the teacher can help the student to address them. Students can be continually assessed throughout the academic year and teachers can know how well they are improving and what steps need to be taken in order to continue with this improvement. For more details of how Assess works contact MclellanInternational.

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