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Phonics cube   page!

​Phonics toy that sparks a love for reading

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​Phonicscube /  フォニックスキューブ

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​5    Reading rods    

5 wooden phonetic reading rods each ​with rotating CVC ( consonant - vowel - consonant ) blocks that can create 60+ real and common English words.

​30 flash cards


​30 phonetic flashcards. Boundable, heavy duty, and features one side for beginners, and the other for more advanced readers.

​Alphabet sound chart

​ You can use the chart to check the sound of each letter in

    the alphabet.

Tote bag and storage gift box

​ The phonicscube set comes with original tote bag making

    it easy to carry with you, or store it at home in the handy

    box. The attractively decorated box makes it an ideal

    present for friends and family members with young kids.

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Is your toddler a preschooler wanting to learn to read?
​Need learning resources or educational toys for teaching phonics and decoding simple words?
​Studies show that learning toys and phonics instruction greatly improves a child's foundation for word recognition, spelling, and reading comprehension.

Our " phonics cube " is a tactile Montessori material and educational toy for preschoolers that introduces reading through letter blending and rhyming.  It is also designed to foster independent play and self-correction.  We are inspired by the Montessori philosophy that children should have access to toys and material that are multi-sensory, natural, and self-explorative.

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Each of the 5 wooden rods features one vowel and a set of consonants that rotate.  Children create new words with this movable alphabet manipulative toy by turning the letter blocks.
C-A-T becomes B-A-T then B-A-G.  Our phonics toy creates 60+ toddler-friendly 3-letter words. 

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​Phonics toy

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that sparks a love for reading

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Our CVC flashcards are double-sided to promote independent learning !  The heavy-duty flashcards are designed to grow with your child.

One side features a picture with its written word, and the other side features just the picture.  This allows both absolute beginners and more advanced readers to engage in self-correction and provides endless ideas for phonics games and activities.

​Versatile, Multi-level and designed for Self- Guidance

Girl playing with Spin and Read Blocks (16).jpg

​Traditional, Familiar Print

Our carefully selected letter combinations maximize the number of decodable words familiar to young children, which creates a cycle of positive affirmation as they master word after word. But don't forget nonsense words are normal, and great for practice and word recognition too.

Our blocks feature a plain, traditional print already familiar to your beginner reader.  This is so he or she can confidently build upon existing knowledge.

Take care of the planet by choosing sustainably - harvested wooden toys that extend past the life of many plastic toys.  We choose beech wood for its extreme hardiness and beauty.

Our blocks are safe, non-toxic, and certified by TUV SUD - a global regulatory compliance company - to exceed toy safety regulations in the US, Canada, U.K., EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

​Traditional, Plastic-free and Durable

Asian Girl learning CVC words using phonetic reading blocks (1).jpg

The Benefits of Phonics

A study in 2019 showed that 65% of fourth graders in the U.S. are not proficient readers. This statistic is alarming. On the flip side, studies show that phonics instruction greatly improves a child's foundation for word recognition, spelling and reading comprehension.

A proper phonics foundation allows children to:

1 .   see the relationships between sounds and their spelling

2.    move towards reading fluency.

​3.    learn to decode instead of guessing.

Learning to read doesn't happen  "naturally ", but must be taught.  So, let's help our kids to learn.  Let's give them the right tools to learn and be empowered.  Let's not leave it to chance. There's no bettertime than now.

What are  CVC words ?

Learning three letter words is learning to read English words in its simplest, most elementary form.  These words are also called CVC words or consonant - vowel - consonant decodable words.

Learning the patterns in words helps establish a strong foundation for advancing reading skills. We're talking about words like H-A-T, D-I-P and F-U-N.   These simple words form enough of the English language that your child will soon be able to start reading short stories based mainly on these decodablewords.

​Teaches phonics, rhyming, decoding, and spelling
​Boosts memory skills and fine motor skills
​Portable, mess-free toy. Car airplane, restaurant-friendly
​CVC flashcards and free bonus CVC worksheet download to enhance learning
​Eco-friendly, solid hardwood designed to last years
​Giftable for any toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener.
Comes in a reusable storage gift box

Playpourri International Preschool
Rowena Pike-McFadden

Our students loved using the phonicscubes in a combination of physical activities and literacy awareness.

They are perfect for weekly phonic studies and as a self guided activity center.


Ian's House  English Preschool

Ian Morikawa

These phonicscubes are great for our classes. The five and six-year-old kids love testing each other while the younger students have fun interacting with the spinning cubes to make new words. This is great for solo, partner or small groups of children.   I would recommend these phonics cubes for classes as part of a daily/weekly review.

Asian Girl learning CVC words using phonetic reading blocks (9).jpg
Flatlay Updates 02 (9).jpg
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